Is the hybrid trim worth it, really?

This is a question I have asked myself numerous times. Hybrids typically carry a premium of a few to several thousand dollars over their conventions counterparts, causing one to wonder if the addition of said trim can be justified. Having read MojoMotors' excellent post on the subject, I decided to do my own analysis. » 8/26/14 12:00pm 8/26/14 12:00pm

Jaguar C-X75 - The Greatest Car That Never Was?

When the C-X75 was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2010 it was a wild jet(gas turbine)-electric hypercar that looked surprisingly polished for a concept. The hopes of the automotive world were raised further when Jag announced they would produce the C-X75, with a boosted 4 gas engine replacing the far-fetched… » 4/23/14 10:00am 4/23/14 10:00am